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Explore opportunities all over the world. With the help of PassPort’s tools, your business can thrive year-round.
$8.2 billion in sales in one day?

In a single 24-hour period, Singles Day sales were $8.2 billion in 2013– six times the amount of Black Friday. Learn how to capitalize on peak sales times and holidays around the world.

Did you know?

No matter the season, the month, the week or the day, there is always someone looking for your product. Explore trade trends, discover new markets and get selling tips.

11.3% import duty rate

That’s the rate you’ll pay in taxes to ship a scarf from Shanghai to San Francisco. Get access to real-time details on sales trends, shipping times, duties and more.

Four Ways to Achieve Cross-Border Success in 2016

Follow these four tips to avoid common pitfalls and ease the complexity of global sales – you’ll be well on your way to achieving global sales success this year.

"PayPal PassPort is a real time view into buyer patterns,
customer needs, customer desires and trending needs."

Ron, PayPal Merchant Study

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About PassPort

Welcome to PassPort, designed to help you easily expand your international sales through country, customs and holiday information and tools.

PassPort enables you to explore new international sales opportunities, find new sales peaks and tap into global holidays beyond your country’s borders. Our tools will provide you with an understanding of gift giving traditions country by country, and ways you can tap into new or additional commerce cycles and sales trends.

PassPort assists business owners like you to untangle the complex world of international shipping and the logistics and costs associated with it. It is designed to help you tap into enormous revenue potential as simply and seamlessly as possible.

PassPort provides country-specific guidance around:

  • Seasonal sales peaks, including holidays and events
  • Cultural customs, taboos and trends
  • Shipping and distribution logistics
  • Currency exchange and fees
  • Customs procedures and taxes

It also provides case studies and best practices, so you can learn firsthand how peers have succeeded selling globally.

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Help (FAQ)

What is PassPort?
PassPort is a website designed to educate and empower small businesses with free tools to expand their global sales. When designing PassPort, PayPal asked small business owners about the challenges of selling internationally. Many struggled with confusing customs processes and currency exchange, unpredictable shipment tracking and postal services, and unclear seasonal sales cycles. Even businesses that already sell internationally were unaware of other countries’ cultural events & holidays that could provide opportunities to expand sales.
How do I use the Transactions/Trade Corridors maps?
The Transactions/Trade Corridors tool highlights date-specific, country-level buying patterns around the world. It’s an easy way to see the seasonality of international sales at a glance. On the “Transactions” map, users can toggle between the “Imports” and “Exports” views to see the top buying/selling countries; on the “Trade Corridors” map, top trade routes are represented by import/export data. In all views, click and slide the calendar line below the map to control the date, and hover on a country or trade corridor to view import/export data by date.
Will the data and insights on PassPort be updated to reflect new global trade trends?
PassPort content will be regularly updated so small business owners can access the most up-to-date data and tools to enhance their global sales. In the future, the site will feature additional data, currencies, case studies, and countries to ensure robust geographic representation.
What countries or regions are represented on PassPort?
The countries featured in PassPort represent key cross border corridors inside the PayPal network, based on their current sales growth rates and regional significance, making them ideal candidates to serve as resources for PayPal merchants. We continually work to add more countries, and the full list can be seen in the dropdown menus in the Tools section. If there is a particular country you’d like to see on PassPort, please send an email to
Who can I contact if I have a question or comment?
We are eager to hear from you! If you have feedback to share, please send your questions or comments to We are always looking to feature small businesses that sell internationally. If you would like your company to be featured on PassPort, please click on the “Be Featured” link tab on the right hand side of the screen.